Riley Case


Faith and Fury Eli Farmer on the Frontier

You'll See Jesus On My Face


How Hackleburg Became a 13-Pie Church

Hackleburg Became a 13-Pie Church was also published in 2004 and is a humorous account of a small-town United Methodist Church in Indiana.

Understanding Our United Methodist Hymnal

The book, Understanding the New United Methodist Hymnal was published by Bristol Books in 1989 and was originally meant to serve as a study book to introduce congregations to the new hymnal.   It has, however, served as more than that as it serves as a history of Methodist music generally and Methodist hymnals specifically.   It has been used in seminary classrooms.

The book covers such topics as: issues Within United Methodist Churches relating to hymnals, How hymns function, camp meeting music and its relationship to spirituals and gospel music, evangelical images, women’s images, the black perspective, the liberal reaction and music for a new day, Christian essentials in music, United Methodist distinctives in music, and a discussion of the church’s theological and cultural diversity.  

A Paper Route is Good for the Soul

 A Paper Route Is Good for the Soul was published in 2020 and is a collection of essays about Mennonites, United Methodist rural churches, growing up in LaGrange, Indiana, the beauties of North Dakota, and other topics.

Evangelical & Methodist: A Popular History

Evangelical and Methodist A Popular History was published by Abingdon Press in 2004. This is an academic book that traces Methodist populism, the Holiness Movement, the evangelical renewal, and the history of the Good News movement in the United Methodist Church.